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kichykids clothing

The company KichyKids Clothing has been manufacturing clothing since 2019. During this time, we have accumulated valuable experience and created a separate direction — KichyKids Clothing label.

 Tell us about your wishes and we will take care of the rest! Every peace of clothe is custom made specially for you.  

We work with best fabrics for kids -  linen , muslin and 100% cotton, which will be the best choice for baby/toddler are kids sensitive skin. We have been specialized in formal outfits for your special events like weddings, baptism, birthday party and others. Your little lady or gentleman will always look great and memorable in all occasions

So as all peaces are custom made, we want them to fit its best. Please contact me , to give me direct measurements of your child, so we can make your wishes  as best as we can. We are open for your specific wishes, everything is possible! Feel free to text me.

* Please read the descriptions of the products carefully! 


 Thank you so much for your time, support and all the best for you!


With love, Airita

kichykids clothing
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